Introductions of Rankings.Please read,very important.

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Introductions of Rankings.Please read,very important.

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 27, 2010 7:02 am

elcome.I see you wish to know about rankings in Shadow Clan.

Well,once we feel you are expierenced fighter,you will be set in one of seven squads as a member.If you are proven strong,then you will rise in hte squad,becoming lieutenant.If you are stronger than that,you become Captain.if you are a talented captain,you are assigned in the Elite Squad.

Now,squad one,squad two,squad three,squad four,squad five,squad six and squad seven are all equall.

Squad 17(a.k.a. Elite Squad) is filled with the most talented of all Shadow Clan members.

Now then,here are the rankings,ascending order.

Regular member:You are not even ranked.Step up and get to fighting.

Ranked Member:Okay,you are now powerfull enough to get ranked.This means you are now placed in one of the seven squads.You have little power over important judgements.

Lieutenant:Okay,in your squad,you are ranked second after your captain.You have the right to reason with your captain's decisions,but not question his final answer.Your captain,is your sheep,and you,are the shephard.Protect him/her.You should be strong,smart and most importantly tacticfull.Make sure your squad members are in tip top shape,as your captain will probably be busy with important matters.

Captain:You,powerfull,smart,and most importantly fearless,will lead your team.YOU are not made captain for the fun of it,you are now a strong and wise member,in tough times,you must comfort any members who are not ready,be the candle of burning fire in their empty lanterns.They will decide activity of their group.

Squad 17 members:Okay,each one of these people are elite,powerfull,tacticfull and have the power equall to that of a Captain's in strategising.You,are an idol of all members.

Now that the rankings are all settled with,get busy improving yourself,for there is ALWAYS room for improvement.


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